Between the mountains and the sea

Between the mountains and the sea

Welcome to STEININGER – a sanctuary for embracing wellness and nurturing souls. Rooted in compassion and authenticity, we are dedicated to guiding individuals on a transformative journey towards purpose, vitality, and authenticity. Through mindfulness, resilience, and holistic nourishment, we empower you to unlock your inner potential and embrace a life of profound meaning and fulfillment. Join us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and soulful living.

Our retreats and events are sanctuaries for holistic growth, offering space for deep self-care, empowerment, and connection with mind, body, and soul.


13 july 2024 // 24 august 2024

Aperitivo Selvatico

Wild cocktails, Aperitivo Selvatico Event

A unique natural experience between the mountains and the sea. Join us, as we come together to indulge in wild tastes, wild smells, wild stories and wild walks.

We will venture into the woods to forage and learn about some of the wonderful plants that can be found in the season and what you can do with them. As the sun dawns, we gather around the warming campfire to enjoy our harvest accompanied by wild cocktails or mocktails.

Wild cocktails, Aperitivo Selvatico Event
7 JULY 2024 // 1 September 2024

Sourdough Workshop and Merenda

Sourdough Workshop and Merenda. Home-baked bread and cheeses.

Join us for a hands-on sourdough bread baking workshop where you’ll dive into the world of breadmaking and sourdough. Learn to create and maintain your own sourdough starter, adapt it to your taste, and bake delicious loaves. Discover the health benefits of sourdough and sample different varieties, including whole grain rye and semi-wholemeal breads. Enjoy a shared Merenda with breads, homemade dips, and fresh vegetables. Participants will take home their own sourdough starter, mini wild-pesto jars, and valuable baking knowledge.

Sourdough Workshop and Merenda. Home-baked bread and cheeses.
13 – 22 october 2024

Campfire Retreat Fall Edition

Experience autumn’s transformative power at our Campfire Retreat as life transitions from summer’s vitality to winter’s introspection. Explore the shift from outward focus to inner contemplation, nurturing body and mind. Celebrate the harvest season with ripeness and maturity, reflecting on growth and letting go. Engage in Yin and Yang activities, balancing introspection with invigorating challenges. Join us for this unique experience and reconnect with nature and yourself in Liguria’s serene autumn setting.

28 December 2024 – 5 january 2025

Good Life Crew:
New Year's Retreat

Hike up Monte Bregaceto on New Years Eve.

Join us for the Good Life Crew New Year’s Retreat, a unique opportunity to pause, reflect, and rejuvenate. Nestled at the forest’s edge, between the mountains and the sea, our retreat offers the perfect setting to end the old year and embrace the new. Engage in mindful practices, physical challenges and enjoy nourishing meals, and connect with nature in an untouched, serene environment.

Begin your year with clarity and inspiration. Discover more about what awaits you at the Good Life Crew New Year’s Retreat.

Hike up Monte Bregaceto on New Years Eve.
Foster connection
We believe in fostering deep connections—with ourselves, with others, and with the natural world—as a source of profound healing, growth, and inspiration.
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